Infrastructure as a Service at a Glance
Compelling Reasons for Consideration

  • Replaces burden of capitalizing and managing a complex, on-site computing environment with advanced, customized technology at a secure off-site hosting center.
  • Technology-of-tomorrow service philosophy decouples enterprise computing from old-fashioned, local physical dependencies.
  • Easy-to-handle, pay-as-you-grow business plan emphasizes common-sense OpEx model and improves IT TCO while maximizing ROI.
  • Extremely flexible and scalable to accommodate complete-environment or piecemeal-environment migration to suit particular operational strategies or long-term goals.
  • Centrally managed virtualized/cloud computing promotes efficient resource utilization, lowers storage load and greatly accelerates service delivery across enterprise.
  • Helps IT personnel move away from granular issue-fixing and concentrate on utilizing technology for revenue enhancement and operations economies.
  • Provides options for leveraging dedicated or shared (or combinations of both) cloud-computing environments.
  • Hardened, redundant, tier 3+ hosting environment — coupled with robust data-backup/recovery and ready-state systems replication — provides the ultimate in physical security, data protection and disaster recovery/business continuity.
  • Configurable, remote access-from-anywhere helps ensure business continuity following a downtime event or any kind of system disruption.
  • SSAE 18 (SOC-2) data-center certification greatly reduces complexity in resolving compliance, agreement and regulatory issues.
  • Bolstered by UbiStor’s “Inflection Point Guidance,” which constantly monitors pulse of business for transformational shifts and recommends corresponding technology modifications to upgrade operations, increase revenue opportunity and decrease overall costs.
Make Technology Work for You with This Modern-Day Approach
  • Redefines Deployment and Provisioning of Complete Computing Environment
  • Offers Unsurpassed Flexibility and Scalability to Meet Evolving Challenges
  • Pay-as-You-Grow OpEx Model Eases TCO Without Capitalized Expense
  • Virtualized/Cloud Technology Enables Solution Creativity and Service Efficiency
  • System Redundancy and Lock-Sure Data Protection Build Confidence
  • Certified Data Centers Dramatically Reduce Compliance Burden

Technology is no longer just a necessary augmentation of business but a key differentiator that influences all divisions and activities of your company. How technology evolves merits your constant scrutiny. But, surprisingly, one of the most significant changes in technology has somewhat less to do with the nuts and bolts of technology as much as it has to do with how the speed, flexibility and benefits of technology are cost-effectively delivered. This increasingly popular business model is called “Infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS).

Solution-focused and highly adaptive to the needs of different computing environments, UbiStor’s IaaS takes the burden of capitalizing and managing a complex, on-site computing environment — either fully or in part — off your shoulders and enables you to leverage cutting-edge, customized technology at an off-site hosting center as part of your monthly OpEx business model. You simply “pay for what you need when you need it.” UbiStor’s IaaS galvanizes your business success. Which necessitates on-the-run modifications to your integrated IaaS model. Which spurs more business success. It’s a winning formula for today’s lower-cost/higher-benefit organizational demands.

How you deal with infrastructure will affect your business agility, the velocity by which you can respond to market variances and the power with which you can directly influence market developments. This is the reactive/proactive side of technology, and UbiStor’s IaaS is a business solution that greatly enhances your impulse for decisive action.

Customization without Big Cost
There’s no stopping the snowballing popularity of virtualized/cloud computing, which promotes efficient resource utilization and lowers storage load. Through IaaS, UbiStor utilizes these advanced technologies — and the rapid scalability and flexibility they enable &‐ to formulate a custom solution that aligns with your specific business needs and increases the efficiency of services delivered across your enterprise. This allows you to move away from infrastructure that is local, restricted, disparate, time-consuming and vulnerable.

Do you need unrestricted flexibility and unsurpassed, regulatory-driven security for a mission-critical application that is the heart of your transactional base of business? Then hosting that application on a dedicated virtualized server, with ready-state replication and lock-sure data backup, is the right call. Maybe you have an abundance of historical data that feeds business-intelligence initiatives but does not drive vital day-to-day operations. Perhaps hosting that data, with encryption, in a highly secure, password-protected, shared Storage Area Network (SAN) is just right for you. The bottom line: UbiStor’s IaaS customization gives you plenty of affordable New Age computing options. You can mix and match the benefits of dedicated and shared hosting depending on your policy constraints or required economies of scale. And, no, IaaS is not an all-or-nothing proposition. You can start building new infrastructure in the cloud and then migrate operating systems and applications gradually — or choose to keep elements of your computing environment permanently local while other elements are deployed through UbiStor’s IaaS.

Don’t forget. IaaS is a service, and its calling card is compelling TCO: No capital expenditures. No hassles with big-iron depreciation right out of the shipping crate. No need to utilize any legacy system solely to justify its footprint. Leveraging powerful technology is a plug-and-play proposition. And you pay-as-you-grow with an OpEx model that parallels the growth curve of your company. If you choose to eventually transform your complete computing environment into a UbiStor IaaS model, you will quickly discover the efficiencies of centralized management, you will gain a keener ability to short gap impending problems and your IT personnel will have the time to creatively focus on technology related to business activities and revenue enhancement.

No-Worry Security; Offload Compliance
When your computing operations are driven by UbiStor’s IaaS, myriad concerns are dispelled, especially those pertaining to enterprise vulnerability and financial risk. Security of data, operations continuity and overall infrastructure integrity become points of confidence, rather than potential exposures. Mission-critical performance is assured through a hardened, redundant (multi-regional/four data centers), tier 3 hosting environment having state-of-art physical security features. Best-of-breed virtualized/cloud technology — coupled with encrypted, end-to-end data-backup/recovery (SafeStor® , SafeStor Enterprise® and SafeStor EndPoint Protection®) and ready-state systems-replication (SafeHost DR®) — assures attainment of your Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for unsurpassed disaster recovery and business continuity. Configurable, remote access-from-anywhere helps ensure that your business stays online following a downtime event or any kind of system disruption.

UbiStor’s IaaS security, redundancy and operations consistency feed into SSAE 18 (SOC-2) operational and data-center certification. This certification, along with UbiStor’s appreciable management capabilities, means your compliance, agreement and regulatory headaches can be fading ghosts of the past. Through IaaS, audits for compliance and other statutory issues related to these services become simplified. UbiStor’s compliance-enabled IaaS solution, coupled with existing internal policies and procedures, ensures complete and efficient compliance. Accordingly, your documentation of compliance associated with these services can simply be “passed along” from UbiStor to the agency or organization requiring the corroborative paperwork. This greatly reduces time-consuming administration and related costs. Simple. Clean. No diversions from your vital operations.

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