SafeStor EndPoint Protection at a Glance
Compelling Reasons for Consideration

  • Provides cloud-connected data protection and security for endpoint computing environment, extending server-level coverage to incorporate laptop/desktop-level.
  • Policy-based administration of endpoint environment enabled through intuitive graphical interface.
  • Dashboard facilitates monitoring/reporting activities of all data-management operations.
  • Integrates with UbiStor’s SafeStor or SafeStor Enterprise data-backup/recovery solutions.
  • Backup activity is automatic and continuous in the background, without degrading machine performance.
  • Source-side de-duplication, block-level technology and compression reduce transmission volume, minimize bandwidth and accelerate the backup process while cost-effectively reducing storage load.
  • Online reconnection activates automatic backup from local machine’s cache to off-site storage.
  • Fast data- recovery/restore process following downtime event or if machine has been compromised, destroyed, stolen or is just being replaced.
  • Advanced encryption technology protects all files at rest on the hard drive, during the backup process and during file recovery.
  • Port-access control prevents data leakage to a variety of external devices.
  • Remote data deletion facilitates information shredding on-demand or via time trigger.
  • Device tracing discourages employee thievery and develops routing information for law enforcement.
  • Compliance conformity enhanced by off-site, professionally staffed, Tier-3+ data center having SSAE 16 (SOC-2) certification.
  • “Pay-as-you-grow” OpEx pricing structure promotes attractive TCO.
  • Project- and account-management professionals practice “Inflection Point Guidance” and stay engaged throughout the solution lifecycle.

Uniquely Powerful Security and Data Protection for Laptops/Desktops

  • Extends Server-Level Coverage to All End-User Machines
  • Policy-Based Central Control Automatically Harmonizes Enterprise Backup
  • Leverages Efficiency and Flexibility of Cloud-Connected Infrastructure
  • Incorporates Situation-Specific Toolbox of Aggressive Security Utilities
  • Helps to Close Compliance Gaps and Eliminate Policy Infractions

The tidal wave of worldwide data growth nearly defies comprehension, while an expanding army of New Age mobilized workers armed with laptops and thin-client devices rushes through the business day. These workers consume, alter and share information from the great Web-woven data pool, but may have little cognizance of security exposure or the constant need to protect the information assets of their enterprises or their valued customers, despite the looming reality of financial risk associated with compliance, regulations and agreements. What happens if a laptop is purposefully destroyed or, worse, stolen? A great variety of highly sensitive enterprise data — proposals, client profiles, reports, etc. — already backed up at the server level, will likely reside on that machine, as will a collection of  “unique” data germane to the activities of the individual end-user. All this information is enterprise-valuable information, the loss and potential breaching of which cannot be tolerated. Moreover, as enterprise networks scale out, with multiple end-users touching common files as well as generating their own proprietary local data, the issue of endpoint security and protection for desktop machines has also become increasingly important.

Server-level security and data-protection are no longer adequate enough to mitigate risk and meet the various objectives of contemporary business. They must be augmented by a robust laptop/desktop-level that affords overarching, end-to-end security and data protection managed through a powerful policy engine. UbiStor’s SafeStor EndPoint Protection (EP) is the solution that closes the gap, extending your cloud-connected coverage from servers to laptops and desktops.

Orchestrate Policy through Central Control
SafeStor EP almost seems like a magical solution. It is powerful, smoothly functional, adaptable to both enterprise and end-user data-backup requirements, and easy-to-use. And the brilliance of EP starts with technology that keeps your business needs in sharp focus, enabling policy-based administration of your complete laptop/desktop endpoint environment. Importantly, such administration compels all end-users to participate in the safeguarding of your organization’s information assets; gaps in data protection and security are eliminated.

Utilizing the solution’s Web-based, highly intuitive dashboard, you can configure and centrally managed all backup, recovery and security policies, including bandwidth throttling, encryption, port-access controls and remote data deletion. Need more granular control? EP lets you configure policies by device, user ID or user role. What’s more, policy work can be delegated to trusted end-users. EP’s dashboard also facilitates monitoring/reporting activities of all data-management operations.  Embracing both server-level and laptop/desktop-level requirements, EP and UbiStor’s SafeStor® or SafeStor Enterprise® data-backup/recovery solutions provide complete computing-environment data protection, security and business continuity.

Backup without Bother
With EP, individual laptop/desktop data backup to UbiStor’s off-site, cloud-based tiered storage is easy, fast and efficient. Employing source-side de-duplication, which means only new and changed data blocks are transmitted during a backup cycle, the solution functions automatically and continuously in the background, without obtrusively degrading machine performance. Machines can be configured to do backups within as little as one-minute windows.

In the backup process, all data is first backed up to the local cache of each machine’s hard drive, allowing access even if a user is offline or disconnected from the network. When a laptop or desktop is once again connected to the network, EP takes over and automatically transmits backup data from cache to off-site storage. EP’s backup de-duplication is global, meaning changed data blocks are compared with other data blocks across the enterprise. Along with compression functionality, EP’s de-duplication reduces transmission volume, minimizes bandwidth and generally accelerates the backup process while cost-effectively reducing storage load. Moreover, EP strikes the perfect balance between organization control and end-user independence: Your users can be granted permission to do their own backups and restores through the intuitive dashboard, reducing help-desk intervention. Of course, this same graphical interface aids greatly in the data recovery/restore process following a downtime event or if a machine has been compromised, destroyed or stolen. EP enables you to restore data from the cloud onto a new device without significant delay, helping the organization to achieve its Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) relative to compliance, agreements and regulations.

Bare-Knuckle Security
Corporate data breaches, theft and laptop loss are seriously compromising the security of companies increasingly driven by a mobile or telecommuting workforce. Data security directly parallels financial security. You must be tough-minded when it comes to safeguarding information integrity across your full endpoint environment.
One very effective way of achieving data security is “encryption,” the process of translating data into secret code. SafeStor EP leverages performance-friendly “file/folder encryption,” which automatically encrypts data as it is being stored on the machine and decrypts it when an end-user opens an application file. File/Folder encryption is transparent to end-users and eliminates the need to remember additional passwords to secure sensitive data, reducing help-desk requests for password assistance. EP’s always-on, cutting-edge encryption technology protects all files at rest on the hard drive and during the backup process, as well as during file recovery. The solution meets all data-encryption regulatory mandates and automatically creates records of all your encrypted devices.

Port-Access Control
You have complete control of data leakage with EP’s port-access control technology. Reflecting your organization’s policy model, you can control who’s allowed to copy what. You can grant read or write access, or shut down virtually every type of plug-in media — from USB drives and DVDs to FireWire and iSCSl devices. And you’ll be alerted if anyone tries to tamper with your port-access control policies.

Remote Data Deletion
Don’t worry about sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. Either on-demand or via a time-based trigger, EP empowers you to delete permanently the data on a lost or stolen laptop when it comes back online. And your most valuable asset — current proprietary data — resides safely, backed up in UbiStor’s cloud and easily accessible.

Device Trace
Disgruntled employees and common thieves wanting to appropriate a laptop can’t fool EP. TCP/IP device tracing identifies the IP address of a machine in communication with the backup server. You activate tracing at the backup-server level to reveal history and routing information, enabling law enforcement to find laptops as soon as they come online.

Compliance, TCO, IPG
The internal consequences of a data breach are confusing and disruptive, but how do you face a customer or supply-chain partner after you have failed to fully protect their confidential information assets? How many agreements and regulations intersect with your responsibility to secure all the data of your enterprise — server-level and laptop/desktop-level? And what about the significant financial penalties and catastrophic bad publicity associated with a violation of data-privacy laws or the loss of business continuity? In the age of escalating social media and cyber-flash business networking, loss of public confidence can have an incalculable, long-term financial impact.

UbiStor’s EP solution can play a considerable role in tying up the overlooked loose ends of your security and data-protection. It gets down to the granular level of operations flow. And it helps relieve compliance anxiety, especially when you consider that it is efficiently hosted in highly secure, cloud/virtualized infrastructure at an off-site, professionally staffed, Tier-3+ data center having SSAE 16 (SOC-2) certification.

A single, integrated solution saving up to 40% in up-front license fees, EP is easy to deploy, bolting onto, when required, the SafeStor or SafeStor Enterprise data backup/recovery solutions. What’s more, UbiStor’s “pay-as-you-grow” CapEx pricing structure sweetens TCO.

If all this weren’t enough, UbiStor’s Inflection Point Guidance (IPG) will continually help you to maximize technology investment. Through IPG, UbiStor’s project-management experts stay relationally engaged and help you identify the “inflection points” in your business — a big account win, operations expansion, M&A activity, etc. — when a key technology transition, modification or deployment makes good strategic and financial sense. UbiStor IPG means you have a partner with “opportunity vision.”

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