UbiStor Cloud Services at a Glance: Compelling Reasons for Consideration:

  • Outsources responsibility for purchasing, managing and maintaining hardware and software, enabling IT to focus on core business functions.
  • Provides computing resources and applications through a scalable, flexible model, allowing companies to pay for only the services they need and to develop a predictable cost model
  • Untethers business from geographic constraints, providing business continuity in the wake of disaster and enabling employees to work from anywhere
  • Accelerates deployment of new solutions with on-demand model
  • Enables seamless integration of services throughout the computing environment, prompting smarter, more connected computing and improved efficiency

Leveraging the cloud for business success

The cloud has become an inescapable part of modern computing, and it’s more than just a buzzword or a passing trend. By switching to a cloud-based model for software, infrastructure, disaster recovery, application hosting or data management, businesses can shed many management and maintenance tasks, as well as the hardware and licensing costs that make on-premises computing so expensive. Pay-as-you-go services give companies the room to grow organically, while the frictionless nature and rapid deployment of cloud solutions are ideal for kick-starting innovation and unlocking new efficiencies. Additionally, a cloud-based environment offers built-in business continuity and increased reliability by moving systems off risky on-premises hardware.

Companies can benefit from working with UbiStor whether they are new to the cloud and considering their first data protection and virtual recovery solution or they are looking for an environment in which to build out and host their custom applications. The as-a-service model enables businesses to access enterprise-grade infrastructure and solutions like Commvault as a single monthly operating expense. With a wide range of customizable options, UbiStor is positioned to help businesses leverage the cloud no matter their goals.

UbiStor’s Cloud Offerings

SafeStor Enterprise (BaaS): Through UbiStor, companies of any size can control data sprawl and simplify their data architecture using the state-of-the-art capabilities of Commvault Simpana Modern Data Management software in a fully managed solution. Custom deployments provide the quickest RTO locally and off-site protection utilizing existing co-lo or leveraging tier 3+ UbiStor data centers available in multiple geographic locations. Using a central management console, businesses can monitor their data environment, access deduplication and encryption tools, perform object-level recovery and do much more.

SafeHost (laaS): Instead of building their own production environments, companies can leverage UbiStor’s geographically distributed network of Tier 3+, SSAE 16 SOC-2-certified data centers on a pay-as-you-go basis. By moving application hosting into the cloud, businesses increase their systems continuity, are free to try out new solutions without costly hardware investments and can quickly scale up as they grow.

SafeHost DR (DRaaS): With a shared resources model that integrates with SafeStor data backup and protection, UbiStor’s flexible virtual disaster recovery as a service offering enables companies to meet RTO and RPO goals no matter their budget. Deployed on UbiStor’s virtual infrastructure, the solution focuses on maintaining application uptime for end users while local systems are restored.