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As a UbiStor Channel Partner you will have the advantages of being able to offer the most complete and advanced suite of managed services solutions available in the IT industry today. UbiStor has two Channel Partner programs that are specifically tailored to complement the way you do business. Whether you are looking to provide our solutions as part of your existing portfolio of Managed Service Offerings or as an independent Sales Executive, UbiStor has a program designed specifically for you.

Why become a channel partner with UbiStor?

Referral Partner

The UbiStor Referral Partner Program is targeted and tailored to those individuals who want to bring the value of a fully managed data backup, rapid data recovery, storage management and/or hosting solution to a variety of clients. The program is simple and easy to manage. You help clients improve their business continuity, simplify their compliance, provide a pay-as-you-go model, improve their storage management, or help transition them to the cloud.  You also increase your earning power while at the same time strengthen your reputation for technology expertise. This program is primarily geared toward the following:

Referral Partner Program Benefits:

As a UbiStor Referral Partner, we provide you with comprehensive assistance to help ensure your clients receive the best possible solutions. We provide the following support services as part of the partnership:

Furthermore, you earn commission on the lifetime of the contract with no requirements for sales plans, pipeline reporting, or quotas.

Channel Partner

Becoming a UbiStor Channel Partner allows you to add UbiStor’s proven online backup and recovery protection, storage management, virtual recovery, and hosting solutions to your current managed service offerings. Supported  by our best-in-breed  Data Backup and Recovery and Business Continuity Technology Solutions, you will offer unbeatable security,  fast and  reliable backups and restorations,  disaster recovery options and flexibility,  storage management,  hosting,  trouble-free regulatory compliance,  and expert 24/7 support. We establish and maintain a relationship that suits your marketing arrangement, whether selling one or all of UbiStor’s solutions under the UbiStor name or under your own company label “powered by UbiStor”.

Companies that qualify are typically:

Channel Partner Program Benefits:

As a UbiStor Channel Partner we provide you with a dedicated sales and support staff to ensure that your sales and technical personnel are knowledgeable and up -to -date.  Thus, you can provide the highest level of value and service to your clients and enhance your “trusted advisor” relationship. We provide the following support and services as part of the partnership:

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