IaaS is ideal for organizations of all sizes

June 3, 2017 Cloud Strategy

Although it is just one of the many types of cloud computing, infrastructure as a service is often synonymous with "cloud" as a whole because its main providers are so prominent and its use case – i.e., providing externally and on-demand the compute, storage and networking that would normally come from on-premises hardware and software – is so intuitive. Companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google have been trailblazers in IaaS over the past decade, helping lead the way toward more distributed applications and workflows among organizations of all sizes.

According to 451 Research, 28 percent of the typical IT budget is now allocated to hosted and cloud services. That percentage may sound small, but it is especially notable if only because server virtualization – one of the key building blocks of the cloud revolution – was only first commercialized in the mid-2000s by vendors like VMware. Even at a time of largely stagnant IT budgets, hosted and cloud services remain key drivers of new tech expenditures.

IaaS helps simplify IT operations.IaaS helps simplify IT operations.

Why IaaS is an ideal fit for both large and small organizations

IaaS is one of the largest components of the overall cloud spending pie. One IT research firm estimated that more than $25 billion was spent on public IaaS in 2016; that total made it the second biggest of the three best known as-a-service models (the other two are software as a service, which ranked first, and platform as a service).

IaaS accomplishes several key tasks for modern enterprises as well as small and medium-sized businesses:

  • It scales to meet demand: Instead of having to build out and upgrade in-house infrastructures (both long and costly processes), IT teams can simply expand their utilization of their IaaS subscription plans.
  • It is cost-effective: IaaS is an operating, rather than a capital, expense. Accordingly, buyers can avoid huge upfront investments in assets that would quickly depreciate. IaaS spending is pegged to exact usage rates.
  • It is centralized: This design helps improve the security, efficiency and oversight of cloud services. IaaS providers can manage a customer's resources with a level of precision that most in-house IT departments would not be able to commit to.

For large enterprises, IaaS offers a way to break the cycle of expensive upgrades and slow expansions (e.g., to branch sites or via mergers and acquisitions). For SMBs, IaaS is an ideal solution for getting their operations off the ground early, or for accelerating a product or service, by enabling a simple deployment of IT resources.

"IaaS offers a way to break the cycle of expensive upgrades."

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