Health care industry warms to IaaS solutions

May 12, 2017 Cloud Strategy

The appeal of infrastructure as a service now stretches across numerous industries, including ones – such as health care – that had once been relatively resistant to the pull of the public/hybrid cloud due to concerns about data security and privacy. According to a MarketsandMarkets report, the global market for health care cloud computing was worth $3.73 billion in 2015, but could expand at a 20.5 percent compound annual growth rate until 2020. That CAGR would bring it to $9.48 billion in 2020.

Why are IaaS solutions gaining a foothold even in highly regulated industries? There are several reasons for this ongoing shift, mostly related to the desire for easier data center management and more cost-effective operations.

Health care opportunities: What is and isn't already in the cloud

The HIMSS Analytics 2016 Cloud Survey revealed that IaaS had made major inroads into certain areas of healthcare:

  • More than one-third (34.3 percent) of health information exchanges were already cloud-based, with another 41 percent included in plans for migration.
  • An even larger share – 35 percent – of patient engagement/empowerment tools were in the cloud and 38 percent were slated for eventual migration.
  • Back office tools (such as email and productivity software), disaster recovery solutions, and big data analytics were much less common as cloud utilities among health care providers.

Supporting these systems and others with IaaS relieves technical personnel of having to implement, upgrade and troubleshoot their own IT infrastructures. In turn, their respective organizations can reduce expenditures on routine tasks such as hardware and software upgrades and reroute that money to other activities, such as patient care.

"More economical operations are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to IaaS benefits."

More economical operations are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to IaaS benefits. The secure, sophisticated and redundant data centers that host IaaS assets provide much more predictable and scalable performance than virtually any on-site alternative. While control and retention of data remain major concerns for health providers, a well-drafted service-level agreement from the cloud service provider should outline how such information will be handled.

IaaS as a financial and technical boost for your organization

Ultimately, IaaS is a powerful asset in the drive toward value-based (instead of volume-based) care, which is incentivized by laws such as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. IaaS solutions from a trusted partner such as UbiStor deliver substantial savings over on-premises infrastructures, along with top-notch dependability and around-the-clock technical support to help you work around any issues.

Cloud computing, such as IaaS, has delivered clear benefits to industries like health care.Cloud computing, such as IaaS, has delivered clear benefits to industries like health care.

Whether you are in health care or any other industry evaluating IaaS, UbiStor can offer you advanced yet cost-effective cloud solutions. Visit our primary IaaS page today to learn more about your options, and be sure to contact us directly for sales information and answers to your questions.