We work hard to manage and protect your data so that you don’t have to. UbiStor is a leading Managed Service Provider at the forefront of data management and disaster recovery providers.

Like an insurance policy for your business, disaster recovery should be thought about before a disaster strikes. Does your company have a disaster recovery road map? UbiStor can help you build out a fully customizable, affordable solution to fit your business. Our overarching concern is to look at your computing environment holistically. Through road map documentation, we recommend actions that can better situate your infrastructure and applications architecture for operational continuity, data security, compliance resolution, market-response flexibility and substantial cost savings. Careful situational analysis, clear communication and detailed planning mean your solution package will perfectly align with your needs, while having the built-in flexibility and scalability to help you respond fluidly to business dynamics as you move forward.

Is your data quickly retrievable in a major disaster? UbiStor can eliminate the burden of outdated data backup and management operations, allowing your company to focus on its evolution. With UbiStor’s Managed Services, your internal team can focus on what really matters: company growth and operations. Headquartered just outside Chicago with eight disparate locations throughout the country, UbiStor can ensure that your data is protected and quickly retrievable, no matter the disaster.

How does your company combat ransomware and malicious activity? You need to be sure that your data is protected, not only from unpredictable natural disasters, but from malicious activity. UbiStor delivers an integrated, automated data protection approach that provides a single, complete view of all stored data. This means you can rapidly recover data, whenever you need to, so that you can resume business as usual even in the face of a ransomware threat.

Is your data storage “priority tiered” and aligned with the varying needs of your business? With UbiStor’s services, you will be able to access archived data in an efficient way, significantly reducing search time.

What are you doing to protect and secure data in all corners of your enterprise, including legacy systems, laptops and the thin clients of a Digital Age mobile workforce? All of the pieces of your data landscape are important. UbiStor’s specialty is creating comprehensive solutions that fit your business, no matter how complex. We can provide a seamless back-up solution that ensures your data in all locations is secure.

Our commitments to our customers:

  • Reduce Operational Requirements
  • Reduce Complexity and Cost
  • Reduce Operational Risk
  • Reduce Compliance Burden
  • Reduce Transition Anxiety

At UbiStor, our focus will always be our customers and their growth.

Every business experiences “inflection points” — some subtle, others obvious — that may redirect management focus and have a big impact on operational costs and profitable outcome. Big account wins, operations expansion, introduction of a new critical application, aggressive storage growth, or M&A activity — all of these things can have a significant effect on your business. When inflection points in your business occur, our account and project managers examine the efficiencies, economies and revenue enhancements that may be achieved through the deployment of various technology scenarios. Different cloud/virtualized solution combinations are carefully examined and cost is diligently scrutinized. These events can be launching pads for big growth if they are handled properly.

UbiStor manages your growth proactively, not reactively. We monitor the super trends and smaller currents of your industry, offering advice with precise timing. Our management is ongoing, partner-focused, and open-minded. It is the keystone to our “opportunity vision.”