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The Value of Professional Services

The Value of Professional Services

UbiStor Professional Services at a Glance:
Compelling Reasons for Consideration

  • Provides documented, smooth pathway for resolution of specific issues or deployment of enterprise-wide solutions, thus helping to maximize technology ROI and reduce operations complexity.
  • Supported by best-of-breed powered solutions, integrated partner relationships and delivered with proven process and methodology to ensure seamless customer service.
  • Allows enterprise to keep on target with all key IT initiatives by augmenting internal staff with experts in key technology or service area.
  • Increases efficiency in satisfying compliance and regulatory mandates through multi-point certification and appreciable hands-on experience.
  • Assures operational consistency and business cohesiveness by adhering to best practices throughout “assessment-design-implementation-support” flow. Certified PMP project managers crystallize the flow by implementing ITIL methodology.

The Need for Professional Services

Virtualized/cloud infrastructure, tiered data, mobile computing, disaster recovery embracing all endpoints of a diversified network — today’s technology can be daunting. It needs the human touch. And nowhere is the human side of technology exemplified more than in UbiStor’s professional services. It is not hand holding; it is true partner participation supported by business savvy and technical expertise.

Backed by decades of executive-level experience, fortified by stringent certification standards (e.g., SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II) and best practices, UbiStor’s professional services include a host of activities that define, roadmap, deploy, support and monitor a singular element of your computing environment or, perhaps, your complete computing environment, including such strategically overarching areas as data management, systems availability, information/application security and service-level priorities. UbiStor works tirelessly to squeeze value out of every IT dollar you invest.

UbiStor adds value through Inflection Point Guidance (IPG), a finely tuned practice wherein account managers and project managers monitor the trends in your industry as well as the influential shifts and occurrences within your organization, looking for opportunities to recommend perfectly aligned technology that lowers risk, improves efficiency or greatly accelerates revenue streams. Ongoing and open-minded IPG epitomizes exceptional professional services. It is the keystone to UbiStor’s “opportunity vision.”

When it is time to make critical business-technology decisions — robust data backup with granular file recovery; highly secure email hosting in a private cloud; multi-step full migration of infrastructure to an offsite virtualized/cloud environment having deep redundancy — UbiStor provides guidance to meet such objectives. Methodology precision and transparency are inherent in “assessment-design-implementation-support” best practices. All service activities are tempered by deep documentation, rigorous testing and confidence-building validation.

UbiStor’s professional services make sure that your plan and your deployment are one.

UbiStor’s Professional Services and Your Solution

A unified solution is not limited to leading-edge technology. Through its professional services, UbiStor develops a customized, strategic plan leveraging best practices to align smooth solution delivery with detailed business requirements.


SafeStor Enterprise® CommVault®

This feature-rich solution enables highly automated, policy-driven data management across your complete computing environment, offering centralized backup, recovery, archive and security functionality. New clients will experience UbiStor’s industry-leading “assessment-design-implementation-support” flow; Proof of Concept prototypes solution execution. Ongoing System Care engagements periodically ensure top-tier solution performance. Implementation services are available for clients acquiring software only or moves-adds-changes services for existing CommVault customers. 


Enjoy cutting-edge, shared-resources technology — along with flexibility, scalability and lower TCO — with this remarkable solution, leveraging the power of redundant virtualized/cloud infrastructure and offering “pay-as-you-grow” and “pay-as-you-use-resources” elements. Initial engagements are guided through UbiStor’s “assessment-design-implementation-support” flow. UbiStor gives special consideration to cloud migration and server centralization, carefully analyzing upgrade requirements as legacy systems are decoupled from physical infrastructure. Proof of Concept helps confirm your functionality expectations.

SafeHost DR®

Robust, cloud-customized, shared-resources system recovery that offers three optional levels of failover to help you reduce/eliminate downtime in accordance with your Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objective, which are subject to detailed review and documentation. UbiStor’s “assessment-design-implementation-support” flow overlays initial engagements. Proof of Concept prototyping, rigorous DR testing and precise functionality documentation assure trustworthy performance when/if recovery systems are activated.

Infrastructure as a Service

Replace the burden of capitalizing and managing a complex, on-site computing environment with advanced, cloud-customized technology at a secure, certified, off-site hosting center. Experts in IaaS, UbiStor will help you review different possibilities: migration of full physical legacy infrastructure to a shared-resources virtual environment (P2V); migration of perhaps some mission-critical applications to a virtual environment; or migration of certain strategically identified elements of your physical environment to a virtual environment, leaving some legacy elements locally in place. UbiStor’s “assessment-design-implementation-support” flow reduces complexity of initial engagements. Best practices give special consideration to server and data-management centralization.

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