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In today's tough economic conditions, IT organizations face increasing complexity that threatens efficiency and drives up costs. Multiple physical and virtual platforms coupled with the continued proliferation of unmanaged, stale or duplicate data make it difficult to support the ever-changing needs of business applications. Adding more storage and network bandwidth won’t solve the problem long-term. UbiStor offers a modern approach to seamlessly bridge policy-driven data management with transparent access to optimize your storage infrastructure and improve efficiency.

UbiStor Managed Storage Solution powered by CommVault Simpana®
We help you gain proactive control over rising storage costs leveraging the revolutionary Simpana software. The “singular” approach allows you to reduce and optimize primary storage across heterogeneous platforms, extending the life of existing storage systems and reducing the time required for data protection. A tiered storage architecture allows you to retain the information you need for longer periods, while simplifying the ability to search and retrieve it.

Key Benefits of Optimizing Storage

  • Manage data from physical and virtual storage through its entire lifecycle across tiers of storage, tape and into public or private clouds.
  • Optimize storage capacity for long-term retention, delivering superior TCO while minimizing risk.
  • Eliminate 90% of redundant data with integrated global deduplication and compression, saving on network, media and storage costs.
  • Reclaim primary storage.
  • Integrate Storage Resource Management (SRM) into archive and backup operations to centralize reporting and improve decision making.
  • Cut overall storage costs in half to improve operational efficiencies and optimize productivity.

Looking for managed storage without the capital expenditure? No problem, we provide financially flexible Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) options.