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MailStor Enterprise[sup]®[/sup]

MailStor Enterprise®

MailStor Enterprise powered by CommVault Simpana is offered as a fully managed solution or as a self-managed software package. Our solution helps control the data growth and infrastructure costs of Microsoft Exchange environments while reducing risks associated with corporate, legal or regulatory governance. The solution addresses common capacity management problems such as user quotas, PST file proliferation, and database growth. MailStor Enterprise serves mailbox end-users, IT teams, legal and compliance teams and maintains high-speed performance in the face of increasing data volumes and resource restraints.

MailStor Enterprise is an integrated content archiving solution that reclaims valuable primary storage space by automatically moving stale data to low-cost secondary storage. Here data can be compressed, deduplicated and encrypted, then replaced with self-contained stub files on primary storage. Stub messages retain key properties of the original but at a fraction of the storage requirement. Email is automatically moved and archived based on policy, either by journaling a copy of every email, or by capturing it from the end-user’s mailbox based on date or size of message.

Features include:

  • Policy-based lifecycle management enables data to be managed across tiers of storage, tape and cloud environments. Storage savings improve server performance, lower capacity management overhead and can reduce or eliminate the need to buy more disk storage.
  • Transparent access improves user productivity. End-users have the freedom to access, use and manage their own personal and infinite mailboxes- all from the familiar Outlook interface. Administrators set global thresholds and policies centrally to govern when and how e-mail is archived. Administrators can also fine-tune thresholds and policies to an individual group of mailboxes to align with business priorities.
  • MailStor Enterprise supports 2003, 2007 and 2010 Exchange environments and can expedite Exchange migrations and maintain continuity with a seamless version upgrade path.
  • Full Content Indexing (CI) option enables all email to be searched and retrieved in context. All copies of indexed data (protection, migration and archive data) are combined into a single, searchable archive. Result sets can be viewed and refined before the retrieval process for maximum efficiency. Using Content Director, data can be automatically classified and tagged based on the needs of your business.
  • The CI search web interface is optimized for non-IT staff to provide fast, accurate and intuitive search results. An auditable chain of custody for every email is preserved throughout the email’s lifecycle (from initial capture through final destruction), ensuring complete fidelity.
  • Integrated Storage Resource Management (SRM) provides visibility with non-intrusive data collection for physical and virtual environments. File level analytics and trending reports enable IT teams to optimize storage utilization, scalability and decision making.
  • Embedded global deduplication option provides a single deduplication database that supports multiple storage policies and source-side deduplication. This provides total flexibility and control on data retention needs with minimal network impact and maximum data reduction.
  • Microsoft Exchange Information Mining enables access and restoration of data independent of the application. This provides granular mailbox recovery with minimal impact to the production server
  • Seamless integration with CommVault Backup and Recovery solution provides a single pool of data with a common interface to centrally set and manage all data management policies and schedules to track and report on operations across tiered storage. Policy and job management is consolidated while reporting and alerting is improved for administrative and operational efficiencies. As a result, training costs and infrastructure resources are reduced.

Improve Long-Term Retention Economics

  • Reduce operational costs, including storage, data protection costs and associated support costs. Reclaim valuable space with automated archive of email based on age, size, or usage pattern. Stale data can be stored on cost-effective secondary storage.
  • Improve productivity at the user and administrative levels by eliminating restrictive mailbox quotas and consolidating disparate PST archives while maintaining direct access.
  • Enable scalable, cost-effective long-term storage to meet information governance standards.

Meet Discovery Challenges and Manage Risk

  • Ensure litigation and audit readiness with enforced retention and disposition policies.
  • Accelerate large-volume discovery searches and enable secure legal hold with a centralized archive of all Electronically Stored Information (ESI) including email, file, SharePoint and backup data.
  • Enable a proactive and legally defensible information management strategy and eDiscovery workflow from a common interface.

Additional Advantages

  • Leverage cloud storage integration, including Microsoft Azure.
  • Reduce redundant archive data with embedded global deduplication option.
  • Get 360 degree view of all enterprise data with integrated SRM reporting capabilities.


MailStor Enterprise unifies and manages data across the Microsoft platform, enabling organizations to:

  1. Free up IT resources to address important company initiative
  2. Eliminate the need for a capital expenditure – pay as you grow
  3. Optimize capacity in primary storage, providing cost and resource benefits
  4. Improve Exchange server performance and backup windows by decreasing the size of primary data volumes
  5. Enable proactive legal discovery for messaging environments
  6. Classify data by application, plan its lifecycle over time and assign the most cost-effective resources
  7. Ease audit burden with comprehensive, point-and-click reporting
  8. Improve productivity by automating archive policies and providing easy, self-serve access to archived data for search and discovery
  9. Simplify data management by leveraging a single, unified console for applying enterprise class archiving policies against email, document and file environments
  10. Leverage integrated reporting, archiving & deduplication capabilities to provide visibility, optimal data management & reduced storage footprint
  11. Enable seamless migration of archived data into public or private clouds

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Email archiving saves space and makes messages easily searchable.

Email archiving helps control the growth of inboxes while giving you highly searchable access to old messages.


MailStor Enterprise®

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