Dan Hill

Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President Sales

Dan Hill is Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President of Sales. In 2001, he and his partners, Steven and Dave, left their prestigious jobs at Fortune 500 technology services company, Comdisco, to build a company with a large footprint in the disaster recovery landscape. Together with his partners, Dan founded UbiStor, one of only a handful of data backup companies existing prior to “the cloud.” As the backup and disaster recovery world constantly modernizes, Dan and his partners re-establish solutions best suited for their first priority, their customers.

Dan creates vision and value for clients by providing affordable solutions that leverage emerging data, and cloud technologies, both public and private. Dan directs all sales strategy and operations, focusing on both end user and channel relationships.

Prior to UbiStor, Dan held engineering, technical sales, and senior management level positions with Comdisco for over 17 years. In these diverse roles, Dan’s foundation of extensive technology and sales experience was built.