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SafeHost<sup>®</sup> - File Share Hosting

SafeHost® - File Share Hosting

SafeHost File Share Collaboration Solution at a Glance
Compelling Reasons for Consideration

  • Business-grade technology unifies and accelerates high-volume information sharing across the enterprise.
  • Unsurpassed bi-level security assured through 448-bit Blowfish encryption, private-encryption key management, two-factor authentication, remote file wiping and hardened virtualized/cloud environment.
  • Smoothly synchronizes file management, file saves to storage, transit of files and access of files across community of authorized users.
  • Intuitive, policy-driven console enables granular admin control of access, share, edit, upload or delete activities; also facilitates setup of storage protocol relative to data value and retention.
  • Interlocks with all UbiStor solution offerings, including SafeHost®, SafeStor®, SafeStor Enterprise®, SafeStor EndPoint Protection® and SafeHost DR®.
  • Amplifies business power of New Age mobile workforce through easy file access with any Internet-connected thin client.
  • Eliminates need to capitalize hard iron and allows IT staff more freedom for creative use of technology resources.
  • Predictable OpEx planning incorporates “pay-as-you-grow” and “pay-as-you-use-resources” strategy to ease TCO.
  • Off-site, secure, Tier-3+ data center having SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II certification, along with business-management expertise, means solution is delivered “compliance-enabled.”

Ultra-Secure Storage, Sync and Collaboration of File Data

  • Accelerates Information Sharing Across Enterprise of Diversified Workers
  • Robust Functionality, Hardened Infrastructure Promote Secure Collaboration
  • Policy-Driven Utility Enables Customization of Storage-and-Share Controls
  • Allows File Access and Sharing from any Internet-Connected Device
  • Compliance-Enabled and Structured for TCO-Friendly OpEx Entry

Let’s say your marketing department has just finished preparing a series of vitally important PowerPoints supporting the rollout of a breakthrough product line worldwide. Features, benefits, services, confidential pricing — they’re all included in the eye-catching presentations for which an army of eager salespersons and enterprise partners are waiting. A potentially big bump in revenue hinges on securely and efficiently sharing this information. Moreover, you want to segregate the information sharing among different user groups. Forget about email; each presentation averages 13 megabytes! You want collaborative agility, not bandwidth choking.

Clearly, you need a cloud-hosted service that unifies collaborative information sharing throughout your enterprise. True, there are a number of consumer-grade services that, perfunctorily considered, may seem to present a solution. But these storage-and-share services do not offer the right mix of central data management, policy management for users, seamless integration, graphical interface and, above all, lock-tight security. Not only do these consumer-grade services generally lack high levels of security, but administrative, file compatibility and syncing issues are also concerns.

You need an affordable, business-grade storage-and-share solution that helps drive enterprise collaboration and assures top-tier security. You want a flexible/scalable solution that is easy-to-use and dovetails neatly into your unique, diversified computing environment. Consider, then, UbiStor’s SafeHost File Share.

Rock-Solid Security, Policy Driven

SafeHost File Share provides superior security on two levels. At a functionality level, the solution utilizes 448-bit Blowfish encryption when data is at rest or in transit. Private-encryption key management empowers individual users to safeguard data. Two-factor authentication screens out unauthorized access to storage. And a browser-based, intuitive console affords administrative oversight to initiate remote wipes of sensitive data residing on compromised desktops, laptops and thin clients. Overarching security is enhanced through this same administrative utility, which enables you to set unique policies for individuals within your enterprise (or for external parties within your sphere of business influence) to access, share, edit, upload or delete data. You can also use this tool to customize storage protocol, keying in on any number of specific files and how long they may be accessible.

At an infrastructure level, SafeHost File Share leverages UbiStor’s virtualized/cloud technology within a professionally staffed, Tier-3+ data center having SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II certification. UbiStor’s virtualization expertise enables hardened, dedicated-resources segmentation within multi-tenant, shared resources, thus combining strong security with cost effectiveness. Storage loads are precisely tier-customized according to your requirements, with nearly limitless capacity to meet explosive data growth. The data center’s data-backup protocol and system redundancy mitigate risk of solution downtime. And, importantly, SafeHost File Share seamlessly interlocks with all of the offerings within UbiStor’s family of superior hosting solutions — such as SafeHost®, SafeStor®, SafeStor Enterprise®, SafeStor EndPoint Protection® and SafeHost DR® — providing flexible options for data protection/management, application deployment and business continuity. Moreover, UbiStor can smoothly oversee your migration to exclusive, dedicated resources as your evolving IT needs may require.

Enterprise in Sync, Access from Anywhere.

The collaborative side of your business will reach new levels of efficiency and precision with SafeHost File Share, because the solution smoothly synchronizes file management, file saves to storage, transit of files and access of files by a policy-defined community of authorized users. Files are accessible from anywhere the Internet is available and from any device. This is true universal file access with your enterprise completely in sync. Whether you are in the office or in an airport, on your laptop or portable thin client (iOS and Android), file accessibility, fast collaboration and productivity are all amplified. SafeHost File Share helps define teamwork.

As-You-Grow TCO, Compliance Covered

Today’s business is dynamic and can be fraught with uncertainty. Every new step is scrutinized. That’s why Ubistor helps you ease into the tremendous benefits of Safehost File Share through a predictable OpEx strategy, with “pay-as-you-use-resources” and “pay-as-you-grow” elements. There’s no need to capitalize hard iron or fret over file-server management and maintenance. Furthermore, SafeHost File Share allows you reduce requirements for Virtual Private Network setup and administration. File Transfer Protocol was never designed to be a security protocol so you can remove it completely from your environment. Now IT staff can concentrate more on creatively leveraging technology to support revenue-enhancing initiatives.

Adhering to strict data-center certification associated with procedures and controls, and bolstered by unsurpassed management capabilities, UbiStor provides a firm foundation to help offset your compliance, agreement and regulatory headaches. UbiStor’s audited qualifications and deep business experience mean SafeHost File Share, like all UbiStor solutions, come “compliance-enabled."

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