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Learn How to Reign in Storage Costs by Managing Data Better





    Learn How to Reign in Storage Costs by Managing Data Better

    The past few years have marked a massive transformation in today's data center. In technology, you tend to earn your "street cred", as my teenagers would say, based on how archaic the technology was at the beginning of your career. So I could wax nostalgic about the days where a simple tape backup appliance could easily perform data protection operations while the storage administrator goes home to sleep. But instead, I always find it much more exciting to talk about how far we've come.

    New technology architectures from virtualization and the cloud to workforce mobility and big data have each changed the shape of the data-centric enterprise. With these innovations has also come new demands for more availability, performance, security, compliance and eDiscovery-readiness. The result has been a massive evolution in the way the modern IT environment backs up and recovers data.


    A holistic data management approach is the only way to simplify data protection. I invite you to view TechTarget's Jon Toigo and Don Foster, CommVault's Director of Product Management webcast to learn how to reign in storage costs by managing data better.

    Wednesday, April 8, 2015 - 11:00

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