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Disaster Recovery Expertise

Disaster Recovery Expertise

UbiStor Disaster Recovery powered by The Fusion Framework System™ -- simply the industry's most compelling Risk Management and Contingency Planning system ever built!

The Fusion Framework Risk Management & Contingency Planning System™ now makes it possible to capture, manage, and continuously evolve risk profiles across the enterprise while building and maintaining comprehensive contingency plans aligned to those risks.

Simply better, the Fusion Framework makes enterprise-class risk management and contingency planning dramatically easier, less costly, less resource intensive and more effective than any system or solution available today.

Business Problem:

Vulnerabilities and threats are endless but the funds to address them are not! The realities of balancing risks against available resources cause organizations across every industry to struggle in the following areas:

  • How does an organization determine which risks to accept, and which risks to mitigate?
  • How can an organization move beyond fragmented approaches to risk management that have led to misplaced investments and undetected gaps?
  • How can an organization harness the knowledge from the minds of widely dispersed resources to manage risk more effectively and with less effort?
  • How does an organization streamline multiple overlapping contingency planning efforts and gain greater participation in the process?
  • How can an organization communicate effortlessly to inform executive management, set priorities, manage activities and ensure results?

Management Challenges: 

The most vexing aspects of Risk Management and Contingency Planning center on creating, maintaining and presenting a clear and up-to-date understanding of risks across the enterprise while developing plans that are aligned to those risks.

A comprehensive program must be inclusive of all aspects of enterprise operations from the products and services produced, to the critical processes and support infrastructure required to function, to the corporate performance metrics that track business results. In addition, all relevant threats, potential impacts, compliance requirements, and controls must be taken into account.

At the same time, programs cannot be successful without participation and support throughout the organization to ensure that contingency plans will be effective, current, and in a format that is available and useful when needed.

The Fusion Framework Solution:

  • Risk Management - The Fusion Framework platform delivers an innovative organizational framework and powerful repository for capturing information relevant to sources of risk to your organization, including but not limited to business offices, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and IT datacenters, as well as suppliers, public agencies, utility infrastructures and more. Through Fusion's unique top-down approach, the Fusion Framework delivers manageable, decision-oriented, enterprise-class risk management.
  • Contingency Planning - Fully integrated with Risk Management, the Fusion Framework platform also provides an organizational framework and repository for all types of contingency plans throughout the enterprise -- from crisis management, business continuity, and disaster recovery, to environmental health & safety and more. When contingency planning is viewed at the enterprise level, organizations find significant overlap, critical gaps, undetected risk, mismatched investment, and many opportunities for improvement that are otherwise missed.
  • Automated Workflows and Approvals enable continuous update and maintenance eliminating the need for expensive and disruptive risk assessments and impact studies. Incredibly easy to use interfaces make it easy and simple for even the most casual users to contribute directly which accelerates responses, reduces hand-offs, and creates accountability.
  • Powerful Reporting and Dashboard provides information exactly the way you need it, when you need it. Intuitive wizards provide highly flexible reporting functionality to enable what-if analysis to help identify gaps and issues or find opportunities to save money and/or improve the program. The Framework provides a simple, yet highly effective way to generate reports, support the decision making process, drive accountability, and set priorities.
  • Collaboration and Communication - Risk management, contingency planning and incident response are necessary collaborative activities. The Fusion Framework provides enterprise-class tools to collaborate, communicate and notify -- including email and SMS text notification, integration with voice notification systems, and powerful yet familiar enterprise social networking tools that enable users to monitor and/or contribute to projects, activities and events relevant to their responsibilities.

Fusion Framework -- Simply, Better!™

Risk management and contingency planning should be less complex, more efficient and more effective. The Fusion Framework is the game-changing platform that makes your risk management program work the way it needs to work...Simply, Better!