This is How We Serve You

Dedicated to exceptional technology exceptionally delivered, we are committed to the notion that “change is good” and can eliminate the encumbrance of out-dated operational modes and unveil vistas of unlimited opportunity. We are particularly sensitive to data: growth, disparateness, sharing, access, protection, recovery — and the effect of all of these on enterprise data management. Is your data storage “priority tiered” and aligned with the varying needs of your business? Who has access to that storage? Who is setting policy on storage access, file sharing and recoverability? What are you doing to protect and secure data in all corners of your enterprise, including legacy systems, laptops and the thin clients of a Digital Age mobile workforce? Aren’t all the pieces of your data landscape important?

At the heart of every UbiStor solution is the intent to make your business run more smoothly. Singular, immediate issues are expeditiously resolved; yet, our overarching concern is to look at your computing environment holistically and, through roadmap documentation, recommend actions that can better situate your infrastructure and applications architecture for operations continuity, data security, compliance resolution, market-response flexibility and substantial cost savings. Careful situational analysis, clear communication and detailed planning mean your solution package will perfectly align with current needs while having the built-in flexibility and scalability to help you respond fluidly to business dynamics as you stair-step forward.

Leveraging advanced virtualized/cloud technology, our feature-rich solution portfolio — from extremely secure, multi-tiered data management and robust file sharing to powerful data backup/recovery and rapid systems failover in disaster scenarios — has been carefully engineered for overlapping integration, ease of use and highly specific functionality. The overlapping integration of our various solution packages is of particular importance, because the scale-up/scale-out growth pattern of many enterprises strictly requires smooth and secure functionality across complex multi-application architectures. This is just one clear-cut example of UbiStor’s “business-comes-first” philosophy, which assigns technology the role of servant to the practical needs of everyday business. We know that technology, solely, will not solve problems and guarantee your success. This is why we tackle problems from a pragmatic perspective that emphasizes reduction as gain.

Yes, we are technology people. But you will find very few technology companies having personnel with such enviable general-business backgrounds. We are sensitive to various markets and focused on the challenges and threats with which our customers contend each day, enabling us to fashion the right technology mix — a unified solution — that meets the specific needs of each customer. UbiStor has your best interests in mind. We augment your business by what we are able to take away.

  • Reduce Operational Requirements
    Pare down your data and systems to pertinent levels. Why carry ten bags of luggage for an overnight trip? Leveraging an effective data-and-system management solution will decrease the operational drain on your systems, shrink recovery times, reduce administrative burden and lower overall technology cost.
  • Reduce Complexity and Cost
    Our technology expertise means you can look to one trusted source for all your data-and-system management requirements. Our data/hosting centers feature advanced technology offering various environments that fulcrum the financial benefits of secure shared resources. Many of our services are structured to take advantage of a predictable OpEx strategy, with “pay-as-you-use-resources” and “pay-as-you-grow” elements.
  • Reduce Operational Risk
    We are widely acknowledged as a top-tier disaster-recovery/business-continuity provider, tailoring cloud-customized packages that smoothly and securely back up data across all local nodes and endpoints of your enterprise; maintain ready-state systems redundancy; and precisely dovetail with your Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) in accordance with budgetary realities.
  • Reduce Compliance Burden
    Regulations, requirements and compliance concerns can slow you down, increase operational costs and divert the energies of IT staff. Our procedures-and-controls certification, in concert with our appreciable compliance knowledge and management capabilities, means your compliance, requirements and regulatory headaches can be dispelled. Our solutions are delivered compliance-enabled from the start.
  • Reduce Transition Anxiety
    Whether you are putting your complete computing environment into the hands of UbiStor or, perhaps, you are migrating a mission-critical application to one of our data/hosting centers, you do not need to worry. We “meet you where you are” in the journey of technology, looking to recondition your infrastructure for improved flexibility as you step into the cloud continuum of automation.

Beyond our technology acumen, admirable management skill and exemplary 24/7/365 solution support, we are constantly looking to streamline your operations and build your financial muscle, giving you peace of mind for an exhilarating future. Nowhere is this vision for your growth more clearly seen than in our Inflection Point Guidance (IPG), the epitome of value-added service.

Every business experiences “inflection points” — some subtle, others obvious — that may redirect management focus and have a big impact on operational costs and profitable outcome.  An inflection point may be a big account win, operations expansion, introduction of a new critical application, aggressive storage growth, M&A activity or perhaps an almost imperceptible, but influential change in how your business is conducted. When inflection points in your business occur, our account managers and project managers examine the efficiencies, economies and revenue enhancements that may be achieved through the deployment of various technology scenarios relative to the challenges/opportunities each inflection point presents. Different cloud/virtualized solution combinations are carefully examined; cost is assiduously scrutinized. The inflection point is often viewed as a potential launching pad for big growth.

IPG is not solely “reactive.” We monitor the super trends and smaller currents of your industry, offering advice with precise timing. IPG is ongoing, partner-focused and open-minded. It is the keystone to our “opportunity vision.”