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UbiStor, Inc., is a privately held managed services company providing services since 2001. Formed by a group of seasoned Fortune 500 executives having decades of experience in the disaster-recovery and business-continuity arena, UbiStor possesses core competencies that include:

We provide high-quality, cost-effective managed services with a consultative approach, making sure you understand how technology can galvanize new opportunities. At the highest level of execution, we are keenly focused on helping you Protect, Manage and Access data and information, emphasizing overarching, proactive action in the evolving business discipline of enterprise-wide data management. We know that nearly every action in business is affected by good data management.

Bolstered by thousands of successful projects, many of which we have served as highly valued IT strategists and CIO advisors, we continuously strive to exceed your expectations. Client satisfaction is woven into our company culture. Our references — for singular, specialized projects or for comprehensive infrastructure realignment — are impeccable across a broad base of industries. We have multiple petabytes of data under management and have helped numerous clients make smart, revenue-enhancing choices on the fast-paced data and virtualized/cloud continuum.

Dedicated to exceptional technology exceptionally delivered, we are committed to the notion that “change is good” and can eliminate the encumbrance of out-dated operational modes and unveil vistas of unlimited opportunity. We are particularly sensitive to data: growth, disparateness, sharing, access, protection, recovery — and the effect of all of these on enterprise data management. Is your data storage “priority tiered” and aligned with the varying needs of your business? Who has access to that storage? Who is setting policy on storage access, file sharing and recoverability? What are you doing to protect and secure data in all corners of your enterprise, including legacy systems, laptops and the thin clients of a Digital Age mobile workforce? Aren’t all the pieces of your data landscape important?

At the heart of every UbiStor service is the intent to make your business run more smoothly. Singular, immediate issues are expeditiously resolved; yet, our overarching concern is to look at your computing environment holistically and, through roadmap documentation, recommend actions that can better situate your infrastructure and applications architecture for operations continuity, data security, compliance resolution, market-response flexibility and substantial cost savings. Careful situational analysis, clear communication and detailed planning mean your service package will perfectly align with current needs while having the built-in flexibility and scalability to help you respond fluidly to business dynamics as you stair-step forward.

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